Foundation 3D

This information was designed for CCW Foundation students and others who may not have any experiece working in 3D- (although you will all know more than you think).

Some of the information may seem obvious, but the site will try to give you advice and hints on various topics; gathering a basic toolkit, working with a range of materials for the first time, and negotiating a complex job with technical staff.

If you experiment and use materials, your ideas will grow and original work will appear. This site is not about manufacturing, it is about finding creative processes.

Please take note of any Safety points, and get further advice if you are still unsure of a process. This site is not intended to be a substitute for hands-on experience.

17 pages are available, not all are complete yet, but pages are regularly updated and expanded.
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Some images can be enlarged by clicking to open them. (you may have to unblock pop-ups from this site to do this.)

When you are ready for some more advanced information, and material inspiration,
Try Camberwell’s Material Library-
And Chris Follows’ Process Arts site at to view Paul Lindley’s material sampler set and for films of sand casting and other processes.

This blog contains links to manufacturers and suppliers- some of them will give you information on using their products, try from the 4D modelshop- casting, foamboard use, modelmaking.
or on the use of bioresins.

If you want to print or save information, save it as a PDF file. (in “Print” on your Mac).

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